Fermin Barbosa

- Born in Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Mexico on September 2, 1993.

- Mixed Media artist currently residing in Kankakee, IL. 

Artist statement :

 I create surrealist environments that span from cityscapes, bird nests, sleep scenes, and candid memories from my life. I consider myself a formalist artist. Within my artwork, there is an established balance between geometric shapes and natural elements. In some cases theses geometric shapes take on the properties of organisms through texture and by implied movement. For me geometric shapes represent the structure of our modern world. While the natural elements in my work such as animals, foliage, and elements of collage represent the essence of nature. Abstraction of the organic forms in my work signify the adaptive properties of life. As the organic elements morph and assimilate into their surroundings by taking on the properties of the environment they are in, for instance a realistic subject becoming more graphic through geometric elements and simplification of the subject. These properties can range from color, texture, shape, line, and placement. Throughout the creative process of my work, I choose my main subject matter carefully, but conversely I leave my backgrounds unplanned in order to be more spontaneous with the flow of my composition; this gives me a relieving sense of freedom to be able to play with line, texture, geometric shapes, and abstraction.