Photography By Julian A. Graham -

Photography By Julian A. Graham -

 Fermin Barbosa

- Born in Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Mexico on September 2, 1993.

- Mixed Media artist currently residing in Kankakee, IL. 

Artist Statement :

Within Fermin Barbosa’s artwork there is an established balance between geometric and Natural forms. A formalist in practice, Barbosa focuses in on the elements of art, while Painting in a spontaneous fashion. Barbosa’s pictures are hashed images rooted in his subconscious that are inspired by the grit and hard edge of urban environments, the contour and color of organic forms, graphic design, fashion, and art history. Barbosa uses a variety of methods and materials from painting and collaging to assemblage and drawing. Fermin Barbosa admires the contrasting beauty between concrete and organic elements.